We are a boutique legal consultancy based in London that specialises in Business, Consumer and Property Disputes in England and Wales

The main advantage of working with us is that we have specialist knowledge and experience in litigation, which many other companies will not have.
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We go beyond simply providing legal advice

Unlike other legal advisers who do not ‘sit on the fence’. Anwar Legal provides pragmatic solutions to your problems in a quick and cost effective manner. Take time to read our past client reviews, ‘Free Stuff’ section and blogs on law updates.

All our clients receive a personalised service directly from a Legal Director who will always keep clients up-to-date with developments in their case. No switchboard, secretary or legal assistant. Direct access to a Legal Director who has many years experience in helping SMEs, Consumers and Landlords.
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Usman Anwar – Legal Director

Usman takes great pride in helping SMEs, consumers, and landlords who feel lost in a labyrinth of legal issues. It’s our job to help you navigate through often urgent and complex disputes, and provide a successful solution. Usman’s focus is to delivery consistent results and build long-term relationships with all his clients.

As a Legal Director, Usman has more than 10 years litigation experience helping SMEs, individuals, and landlords resolving their disputes in England and Wales. Usman has acted for clients in the County Court, High Court, and First Tier Property Tribunal.

Usman is a Consultant Solicitor with Taylor Rose TTKW Limited. Legal advice is provided through Taylor Rose TTKW Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our Values – 5 Cs

Our values are important and part of the DNA of the company. Our values embodies the vision and values of our of company. We share our values below:

We treat each case as a partnership, not just a file. With a dedication to your success, we craft bespoke solutions that transcend expectations. Trust drives our passion for justice, guiding us as we navigate your legal journey together. We act as your guiding compass in legal disputes.

We offer expertise in Business, Consumer, and Property Disputes across England and Wales. Our mission is clear: to provide top-tier litigation services to our clients along with sustainable profitability for the Company.

Our team embodies over a decade of litigation prowess. Collaborative brilliance is our driving force. Together, we’re a formidable unit, delivering unwavering excellence for our clients. We foster innovation and encourage knowledge sharing.

We are profoundly committed to the communities we serve. Our aim is to leave a lasting, positive impact on our community.

Creativity is our guiding light. We craft innovative solutions for intricate challenges. Thinking beyond the conventional to deliver uniquely tailored strategies. We provide forward-thinking solutions for existing and prospective clients.

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