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Business disputes are increasingly common in today’s climate of economic uncertainty. How you deal with a business dispute can make or break your business.

It is essential that you seek the right tactical advice from a solicitor as early as possible to minimise the impact a business contract dispute may have to you and your business. We provide tactical and strategic advice to businesses and the individuals within them, protecting your rights, interests and reputations.

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How Can Our Business Disputes Solicitors Help Your Business?

Your business is trading, your employees are happy and your goods, or services, are being delivered to your client’s satisfaction, but then a business dispute has arisen. We can help you through the process and allow you to focus on running your business.

Our Legal Director, Mr. Usman Anwar, has many years of experience dealing with business disputes. The most common type of business contract disputes usually include:

  • A party failing to honour their commitment to a contract
  • Issues arising from an unfair contract review
  • Disagreements over the meaning of technical term within a contract
  • Mistakes and errors made by a party
  • Fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation by a party

Our Business Dispute Services

Our business clients rely on our experience and commercially minded expertise to resolve business contract disputes. We can advise your business on a variety of disputes including:

Having Anwar Legal on your side can give you an advantage. We are trusted advisers to many Small and Medium Sized Businesses in England and Wales.

The Anwar Legal Approach

We focus on resolving the business dispute in the most cost-efficient way possible. We will always explore resolution thoroughly by way of negotiation, a mediation or alternative dispute resolution.

Where settlement of the business dispute is unlikely, our experienced Dispute Solicitor will be on hand to represent your business in court. A more detailed cost estimate will be provided of the estimated fees which includes Court Fee, Barrister’s Fees and Expert Fees.

We advise all our business clients to first follow the necessary complaint procedures with the other side. If this does not settle the business dispute, we can offer our legal service on a fixed fee basis to give your business the clarity it needs from the start to the end of the dispute.

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Still not convinced? Read some of our business client’s success stories and testimonials on how they settled their business disputes using our legal service.


The remedies a Court may award in a claim for breach of contract vary depending on each case. Some of the remedies are listed below: –

1. Basic Resolution – this remedy is where the breaching party pays the other party monetary compensation for failures to perform the contract and the contract is terminated. If there is a breach of a warranty then the aggrieved party can only claim damages, not termination of the contract.

2. Specific Performance  – this remedy requires the breaching party to carry out an obligation under the original contract.

3. Rescission – if a contract has been entered into as a result of fraud, misrepresentation, duress or undue influence, the entire contract can be annulled.

4. Rectification – This applies to written contracts and the court may rectify the mistakes that were made when recording the agreement.

It is important that you seek legal advice from an experienced contract Solicitor when faced with such legal issues.

Disputes between owners of a business happen more often than you think,  even if you founded the business. You may recall the infamous story of Apple firing Steve Jobs (a company he co-founded in 1976) because of a clash with the CEO in 1985.

The first step is to establish whether your business is a partnership or a limited company. This should be straightforward if you have a written partnership agreement or written shareholders agreement. If there is no written agreement (which sometimes occurs) then the formation of the business needs to be carefully scrutinised.

The second step is to understand and examine the reason why you have fallen out with your business partner. Is it simply a disagreement about the vision of the business? Or has a business partner acted in bad faith and breached their fiduciary duties?

The solution to such a dispute may be for one party to leave the business, by buying the other party’s share in the business, or voting for a party to be removed in accordance with the company’s articles of association. Mediation is an effective tool to reach a solution.

Unlike some law firms, we can offer a fixed fee service from start to finish for most of our cases. Full information will be provided in our Terms of Business.  You can have a look at our fixed fee service.