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Have you purchased a faulty product, or paid a professional/third party who has failed to complete the work commissioned to a satisfactory standard?

If so, then our consumer disputes solicitor can advise you on your options and suggest the best way of obtaining a refund, or making a claim for your losses.

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How Can Our Consumer Disputes Solicitor Help?

You may have entered into a verbal contract, or a written contract, when purchasing goods or using a service. Irrespective of the terms agreed, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 protects you when purchasing a product or service from a seller or third party.

If these rights are breached, and you feel you have been poorly mistreated, then you may have a claim against the seller,  supplier or a finance company – if you paid for the goods/ service by credit card or agreed to a finance agreement.

We advise all our clients to first follow the necessary complaint procedures with the seller or service provider. See our free template called ‘Letter of Complaint’. If this does not settle the consumer dispute, we offer professional and fixed cost consumer disputes advice in England and Wales.

Our Consumer Dispute Services

Our clients rely on our experience and commercially minded expertise to resolve consumer disputes. We can advise you on a variety of disputes including:

We focus on resolving the dispute in the most cost efficient way possible, and will always explore resolution thoroughly by way of negotiation, a mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Where settlement of the consumer dispute is unlikely, our experienced dispute solicitor will be on hand to robustly represent you in court.

Disputes Worth Less Than £10,000

It is important to understand if your consumer claim is less than £10,000, then it will be considered a ‘small claim’ under the rules which govern civil disputes called the Civil Procedure Rules 1988.

In a case classified as a ‘small claim’ you are only entitled to recover legal costs of a few hundred pounds, if you win your case. You can review our ‘Free Stuff’ section and download our free template called ‘Letter of Complaint and Request for a Refund’. We would be happy to discuss our fixed fees for consumer disputes which are valued more than £9,000.

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