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Defending a Court Claim & County Court Action | London Lawyer

Have you received Court papers and you want to defend the Court Claim? We have a team of experienced lawyers that can deal with all types of County Court cases and defend the Court Claim.

You may have received a Claim Form from the County Court Money Claims Centre (based in Salford now closed), County Court Business Centre or Civil National Business Centre (based in Northampton).

Have You Received a Claim Form and Want to Defend The Court Claim?

Firstly, the Court papers should not be ignored. You have a specific timeframe to prepare a Defence to the Court paper. Usually, the timeframe is 14 days from the date of service, but this can be extended to 28 days. The earlier you seek legal advice, the more time you provide to your legal adviser to prepare the best Defence possible for your case.

What if I ignore the Claim Form?

If you ignore the Court papers, the Claimant may be able to obtain a county Court Judgment (‘CCJ’). A CCJ will remain on your credit record for six years if it is not paid off within 30 days of receiving the CCJ. This will negatively impact your credit rating.

How do I prepare a Defence to defend the Court Claim?

There are a number of issues which need to be considered before drafting a Defence such as:

  • Was the Claim Form served properly? The claim form should be served at your ‘last known address’.
  • Was the claim issued in time? A claim for breach of contract and/or professional negligence have a time limit to start the claim or else they are time-barred.
  • Did the court papers include the correct documents? If a Claimant is relying upon a written contract then, this should be attached to and served with the claim form or particulars of claim.
  • Did the court papers involve a verbal agreement? If a Claimant is relying upon an oral contact, then the claim form or particulars of claim must specify the terms of the oral contract i.e. what words were spoken? By whom to whom? When, where and if there were any witnesses to the oral contract? If it doesn’t, then you can make an application to the court to stop the claim from progressing at a Judge’s discretion.

After considering the above initial points, the next stage is to provide a paragraph-by-paragraph response to the Claim Form. If you do not respond to an allegation and put forward your version of the event, this may be considered to be acceptance of the argument.

How Much Will It Cost to Defend the Court Claim?

We offer both individuals and businesses a number of funding arrangements for defending court claim and county court action. Depending on the value of claim, we can offer fixed legal costs and more information can be found at Fixed Legal Costs Litigation.

Final Thoughts from the Legal Director

Defending a claim in the county court can be both time-consuming and stressful. Mr Usman Anwar, Legal Direction at Anwar Legal has 10 years of experience in dealing with contract, consumer and property disputes.

We will make sure you are carefully advised of all Court deadlines, and that the drafting of your defence, witness statements, evidence, and expert reports are carried out with the care and individual approach you deserve. The truth is defending a civil claim is not an easy process, you can ‘pass the baton to us’ to minimise the stress for you.

We advise all our clients to consider whether early mediation is a possibility to negotiate a settlement. Mediation can be highly successful. For more information, read our blog Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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