Fixed Legal Costs And Fixed Fee Litigation Advice

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We understand our clients are already in a difficult situation with a stressful legal dispute. The fear of spiraling legal costs doesn’t help anyone. Many people may feel they are priced out and have to go without crucial legal advice. However, in most cases we can offer fixed fee litigation and fixed price legal services in phases.

The team at Anwar Legal specialise in dispute resolution and are ready to help you and your business. We have extensive experience in dealing with business disputes, consumer disputes, property disputes and debt recovery.

Unlike other law firms, we regularly speak to our clients and quote fixed fees in phases from the start of the case to the final hearing. The reason being we have dealt with similar types of cases in the past and understand the complexity of the legal issues in the case.

Fixed Price Legal Services Assessment

Before deciding on any legal costs with our clients, we will speak to you first and discuss the legal dispute and the necessary work required to resovle your dispute. During the call, we will discuss with you whether the fixed fee option is both appropriate and likely to save you money.

We can help with the following disputes on a fixed fee basis, and hourly rate basis, depending on the case:

  • Breach of Commercial Contracts
  • Shareholders and Directors Dispute
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Purchase of Faulty Goods I.e. car, machines and more
  • Professional Negligence against solicitors, builders, architect, accountants etc
  • Insurance Disputes (not personal injury claims) i.e. rejected theft of prestige vehicles
  • Insurance Disputes (not personal injury claims) i.e rejected building and property damage claims such as: damage arising from water, fire and more. Plus rejected contents insurance claims and more
  • Commercial Property Landlord and Tenant Dispute
  • Property Ownership Disputes I.e. between unmarried couples, siblings and investment partners
  • Renewing or Ending a Commercial Lease

We offer quality legal service and expertise in our areas of law. We are not the cheapest legal advisers in London, nor are we anywhere near the most expensive based in London.

Fixed Fee Litigation – Case Study 1

We offer Fixed Fees in phases for many of our clients for a range of disputes. For a business or consumer dispute, acting for the Claimant for a 1 day trial, where the disputed sum is between £15,000 to £25,000, we would typically seek to agree the following fixed fee costs in phases during the five stages:

StageWork TypeFixed Legal Costs
1Letter of Claim£750+ VAT
2Starting Court Action and advising on any Defence£1,750 + VAT
3Disclosure of Documents and Witness Statements£3,000 + VAT
4Preparing for 1 Day Trial and Trial Attendance£3,500 + VAT
5Mediation and ADR (Highly Recommended)£1,000 + VAT
£9,000 to £10,000 + VAT

Fixed Fee Litigation – Case Study 2

We offer Fixed Fees in phases for many of our clients for a range of disputes. For a business or consumer dispute including defending a counterclaim by the Defendant, for a 2-day trial with 2 witnesses for each party, where the disputed sum is between £30,000 to £50,000, we would typically seek to agree the following fixed fee in phases costs during the eight stages:

StageWork TypeFixed Legal Costs
1Letter of Claim£1,000 + VAT
2Advising on Counterclaim and corresponding with Defendant£1,000 + VAT
3Starting Court Action and advising on Defence plus Counterclaim£2,000 + VAT
4Directions Hearing£1,500 + VAT
5Disclosure of Documents£1,750 + VAT
6Witness Statements£3,000 + VAT
7Preparing for 2 Day Trial and Trial Attendance for 2 days£5,250 + VAT
8Mediation and ADR (Highly Recommended)£2,500 + VAT
£15,500 to £18,000 + VAT

Additional Costs – Disbursements

Please note the above case studies are only for our legal costs. The costs for disbursements i.e. payment to a third party such as a Court Fee, Barrister Fee or Expert Fee (if required) subject to quotations.

Please note a Barrister attending a Court hearing in London would charge a higher fee than a Barrister attending a Court hearing in Liverpool.

Initial Court FeeFor cases with a value of £10,000+5% of the value of the claim
Hearing Court FeeHearing Fee to be paid 2 – 3 months before the final hearing– £545 for cases with value between £10,000 and £25,000.
– £1,045 for cases with a value in excess of £25,000+.
Barrister FeeStarting Court Action£600 to £800 + VAT
Barrister FeeRepresentation For 1 Day Trial£1,000 to £1,700 + VAT
Expert FeeDepending on facts of the caseQuotation to be obtained

The winning party will be able to recover the majority of their legal costs from the losing party – approximately 70% of the legal costs.

Once a Free Consultation Call has taken place, and a detailed discussion of the dispute, the Fixed Legal Fees will be agreed upon in writing. Please note for any Fixed Fee agreement, we will require payment on account of the entire fixed fee from our client before any work is carried out. An invoice will be raised at the completion of each stage of work.

How Much Are Anwar Legal’s Hourly Rates?

In some cases where there is an element of complexity then we charge an hourly rate. Some examples of hourly rates are cases where there is an allegation of fraud, or a claim for breach of an oral agreement and more. Our hourly rates are below:

Grade/ Years QualifiedCentral London RatesGreater London RatesAnwar Legal Rates
Grade A – Solicitors and legal executives with over 8 years’ experience£512£373£300
Grade B – Solicitors and legal executives with over 4 years’ experience£348£289£250
Grade C – Other solicitors or legal executives of equivalent experience£270£244£200

Please note all reserved legal activities are conducted by Mr Usman Anwar, Legal Director, in his capacity as Consultant Solicitor at Taylor Rose TTKW Limited. All litgation advice is provided through Taylor Rose TTKW Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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Still not convinced? Read some of our business client’s success stories and testimonials on how they settled their business disputes using our legal service.

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