Success in Restaurant Partnership Dispute

Restaurant Partnership Dispute

Too hot to handle. Restaurant Partnership Dispute Dismissed in a 3 day trial – Miah -v- Ahmed [2023]

Mr Miah, Mr Ahmed and a third party set up a restaurant business in Manchester in 2020. There was no written contract detailing the roles, investment and remuneration of the parties. After 12 months, the business relationship soured due to a difference in business objectives and one owner acting like ‘a dictator’.

Following a meeting in July 2021, Mr Ahmed agreed to ‘buy out’ Mr Miah’s share in the restaurant business within a month. A week after the above agreement, Mr Ahmed changed the locks of the restaurant business and forced Mr Miah out. A few months after Mr Ahmed sold the restaurant business for the sum of £46,700.00 and paid £0 to Mr Miah.

Mr Usman Anwar acted for Mr Miah and started a claim against Mr Ahmed for breach of an agreement to buy Mr Miah’s share of the business (prior to the Mr Miah’s subsequent exclusion from the restaurant business). Mr Ahmed made a counterclaim against Mr Miah and alleged: (a) breach of an alleged partnership agreement, (b) misconduct (c) unlawful retention of monies (d) repayment of a personal loan to purchase the business restaurant.

The dispute was listed for a 3 day trial in the Business and Property Division in the County Court at Manchester. The Court awarded judgment in favour of Mr Miah and the counterclaim was dismissed. Mr Ahmed was also ordered to pay Mr Miah’s wasted legal costs plus interest.

Mr Anwar comments: “I’m delighted for Mr Miah who received justice after being unlawfully forced out of the Restaurant Business for no valid reason whatsoever. The Court was persuaded by documents supporting Mr Miah rather than recollection of events by the parties.”

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Any party involved in a Partnership dispute should carefully consider whether early mediation is a possibility to negotiate a settlement. Mediation can be highly successful. For more information, read our blog Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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