Launch of a Boutique Legal Consultancy

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Who Are We?

Anwar Legal was founded in 2022 to provide a seamless dispute resolution service to businesses, consumers and landlords. We are a boutique and commercially focused company, and proud of it. We aim to provide a bespoke legal service to all our clients by acting quickly, focusing on solutions and communicating in words which our clients understand.

We harness the use of technology to provide services to our clients in England and around the world. Our current clients are based in London, Manchester and even Bournemouth. Our aim is to reduce the admin tasks for our clients and spend more time on critically analysing the dispute. We don’t send documents for our clients to sign with a pre-paid envelope when you can e-sign a document. You won’t need to speak to 3 different people to book a call with your solicitor when you can use WhatsApp or Calendly to book a call.

Mr Usman Anwar, Founder and Legal Director of Anwar Legal, said: “Our aim is to provide our clients with trusted legal advisers who are able to provide clear and commercial legal advice. Our clients are from all walks of life and we understand they require clarity on legal costs. For this reason, we offer our legal service on a fixed fee basis and in some cases at an hourly rate.”

What Are Our Values?

Our values are very important and embody the culture of our company. Our values are often referred to as the ‘5 Cs’ which are explained further below:

  • Clients – we live by the ancient proverb “Client is King”
  • Company – sustainability and the commercial viability of the company is important.
  • Colleagues – supporting and caring for our employees is fundamental to the success of our client’s case and to the growth of the company.
  • Community – we aim to support communities who are disadvantaged as part of our corporate and social responsibility and to reflect on our own individual humble beginnings.
  • Creativity – without creativity and innovation our company will be unable to meet the changing challenges our clients face. We aim to be a bold and distinctive legal services provider.

Why Instruct Anwar Legal?

The team at Anwar Legal will work tirelessly for you, or your business, and will support you every step of the way. We will act as your guiding compass in your dispute. We are not ‘aggressive’ legal advisers, but prefer a more analytical and commercial approach. Going to court will always be a final resort. Disputes can be settled before going to Court using a number of tactics and strategies.

Unlike some law firms, who charge very high hourly rates, we offer a range of fixed fees and we share them with our clients beforehand. For some cases we offer an hourly rate given the complexity of the legal issue.

Contact Us

We offer a Free Consultation Call. You can contact the team at Anwar Legal to discuss any business, consumer and property dispute. You can complete the Contact Us Form or email us on

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