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Faulty Car Solicitor

Anwar Legal successfully helps a consumer seeking a refund of £19,000 from a car dealership in Scunthorpe. The car dealership refused to refund the money paid for the car which was £19,000+. Once the car dealership received a formal Letter Before Action from a Solicitor, a refund was processed immediately.

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What Happened?

Our client purchased a faulty car for £19,000+ and within the first week identified several faults with the car. The faults ranged from mechanical issues, hidden damages and undisclosed problems. The faulty car caused a major inconvenience for our client and a significant financial burden.

The car dealership refused to accept the faults in the car and stated the faults were “wear and tear” due to the age and mileage of the car. This was not accepted by our client. To support the client, our client obtained a letter from an independent car mechanic detailing all the faults.

Our client raised her objections and formally rejected the car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. However, the car dealership refused to refund the money paid for the car. The whole situation caused our client a great deal of stress and inconvenience given that £19,000+ had been paid for a faulty car.

How We Helped Consumers With Refunds for Faulty Car?

Following the Free Consultation Call with the client, we explained to our client the options to pursue the claim. We were then instructed to prepare a Letter Before Action which contained a detailed analysis of the consumer rights law, the supportive evidence from another car mechanic, and the threat of court action – if the case did not settle.

The key part of the formal Letter Before Action was to be assertive, yet professional, in our communication. We clearly stated the issues with the car and our client’s desire was for a refund only.

Our client was delighted when she received contact from the dealership confirming they would be refunding the sum of £19,000. Also, the case settled before Christmas and New Year providing our client with extra money.

Mr Usman Anwar, Legal Director of Anwar Legal, says: “Consumer protection laws and regulations exist to ensure that consumers are not taken advantage of when purchasing goods, including cars. These laws aim to hold sellers accountable for selling faulty products and provide remedies for affected consumers. We are delighted to help our client and settle the dispute”

FAQs Consumer Car Disputes

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(2) Can I return the faulty car after I have driven it?

(3) What if I bought a faulty car from a dealer and I have a finance agreement?

If you find yourself in a situation where a car dealership has sold you a faulty car, seeking legal assistance is highly recommended.

Faulty car solicitors have knowledge and experience in dealing with car dealerships, manufacturers, and consumer protection laws. They can help you gather evidence, negotiate with the car dealership, and, if necessary, take legal action. Working with a faulty car solicitor increases your chances of achieving a successful outcome and getting the refund or compensation you deserve.

Parties involved in Consumer Disputes should consider whether early mediation is a possibility to negotiate a settlement. Mediation can be highly successful. For more information, read our blog Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

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